Evans to Visit Pike-Lincoln Tech Center

Rich Evans, an All-Star custom car team leader on Car Warriors, as seen on the SPEED Channel, will be visiting Pike-Lincoln Technical Center (PLTC) on Friday, November 11. He has been featured on multiple television programs including SPEED’s long-running Chop, Cut, Rebuild. Evans has worked on cars for several celebrities such as David Letterman, Gary Busey, Ice-T, and John Singleton.

Our Auto Collision Tech instructor, Denny Stewart, worked with Evans in California years ago and this summer made contact with him. Rich has already donated $2000 worth of training DVDs to Stewart’s program and has agreed to visit our school to share his knowledge and story with our Auto Collision students. He wants to instill in them that they too can succeed in the auto body field.

His story is one of growing up doing something he loved. He was helping manage an auto body shop at age 16 and started his own business a short time later. Evans has since become world-renowned for building custom cars with exceptionally unique, airbrushed designs. As Denny Stewart puts it, “Having Rich visit Pike-Lincoln’s Auto Collision classes is like Bill Gates coming to speak with students in our computer classes.”

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