Nursing Students Practice Delivering Babies

On March 3rd, Practical Nursing students at Pike-Lincoln Technical Center (PLTC) in Eolia, received hands-on training in delivering babies using an interactive OB simulator. This simulator was brought from Columbia where it is part of the Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden clinical simulation center, also known as the University of Missouri (MU) sim center.

Monica Megl, of Elsberry, delivers a baby from the OB simulator under the guidance of Dr. Michael McCullough while Lynn Turner (left) and Chris Tipton of Pike County EMS observe.Dr. Michael McCullough, MD, F.A.C.O.G. along with staff member Marie Knoop gave a detailed overview on the labor and birth processes and six complications which may arise during childbirth. Dr. McCullough focused on how students could assist the patient and infant in times of crisis when deliveries are necessary outside of a hospital.

He used the OB simulator “Noelle” to give birth and coached the students and guests through this hands-on learning experience. In addition to the 24 PLTC Practical Nursing students, guests included those from local EMS programs, and PLTC EMT and Paramedic students.

Tara Shobe, of Wentzville, delivers a baby from the OB simulator under the watchful eye of Dr. McCullough.This opportunity was brought about when Krista Flowers, the PLTC Director, and Pam Tipton, Coordinator / Instructor of the PLTC Practical Nursing program traveled to the simulator center in Columbia last fall. During the visit, a partnership was developed with Dena Higbee, Director of the center.

Director Flowers commented, “Being located in a rural area, we seek any opportunity to bring experiences such as this one to students in our various programs.”

The Practical Nursing students will travel to Columbia in June for their next simulation experience. They will practice taking care of an adult, child and infant. Tipton said, “These experiences will help our students prepare for their state board examination and the real world of nursing.”

Flowers added, “Practicing medical techniques on life-like mannequins that mimic thousands of human biological functions provides confidence and safety when entering the field of healthcare.”

Lesa Viehman, of Wentzville, delivers a baby from the OB simulator under the watchful eye of Dr. McCullough.Pike-Lincoln Tech’s Practical Nursing program is fully accredited by Missouri’s State Board of Nursing, NCA, and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Upon successful completion of the one-year PN program, graduates are eligible to apply to write the State Board of Missouri Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

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