Practical Nursing Admissions

We will begin our admissions process into the 2015-2016 Practical Nursing program starting this January, 2015. We are now scheduling dates to take our admissions assessment exam here at PLTC. If you are interesting in scheduling a date to take the admissions exam or would like more information, please call Kristin Evans at 573-485-2900 extension 439 or via e-mail at

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3 Responses to Practical Nursing Admissions

  1. jessica rousan says:

    I took your practical nursing class in 2010 and passed all my classes but did not pass my boards so I have debated my options if I should go back and do it again or if I should keep trying didn’t know if you guys offered and refresher courses or study sessions I really want to be a nurse but I feel like a failure in that department and the cost of going back to school is expensive as u no just at a loss someone however told me I should reach out to the school best way honestly to get me is my cell 5737217574 text or call leave a voicemail

  2. Amber Blevins says:

    Interested in information about the hursing program.

  3. Valerie Martin says:

    I’m interested in information, please.

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