2018-2019 Silent Auction

Our Annual silent auction will be from Monday, November 12, 2018 until Friday, November 16. Bids can be made in comments here, on the silent auction forms at the school, or via e-mail to Sam Utterback (utterbacks@pltc.k12.mo.us). We will update the current bid amounts twice each day (around 8:00 am and 2:45 pm) until Friday. On Friday, we will update the bid amounts 1x per hour until 1:00 when we will start updating every 15 minutes.  Bidding will close promptly at 2:45 pm. No late bids will be accepted. Bids must be in whole dollar amounts (in other words, no $1.50 bids).

Thank you to all of those who donated items to make this possible.



Auction Is CLOSED!! Below each item are the final bids and who won them. If you are one of our lucky winners, please contact us to arrange payment and pickup

Here are the items:

Elements of Design Gift Certificate ($25)

Current Price: $10

Sarah Dalrymple – won

Donated by : Elements of Design

Casey’s $50 Gift Card

Current Price: $47

Danielle Krauss

Donated by: Caseys

River City Rascals 4 Tickets

Current Price: $26

Jill Roettger

Donated By: River City Rascals

Woods Smoked Meats $50 Gift Certificate

Current Price: $45

Danielle Krauss

Donated by: Woods Smoked Meats

Phillips 66 $25 Gift Card

Current Price: $22

Jeremy Baker

Donated By: Scotty’s

Ranken Swag

Current Price: $4

Sarah Dalrymple

Donated by: Ranken

Massive Auto Service Care Tub with $25 Gas Card

Current Price: $55

Michele Noah

Donated by: PLTC AST Class

Sydenstricker Hat and Lawn Mower Service Certifcate

Current Price: $100

Marjean Wilmes

Donated by: Sydenstricker

“Bug Out” Kit

Current Price: $20

Brenda Akers

Donated by: PLTC LPN Class

Overlook Farms One Night Stay – Must by out of high school to win

Current Price: $60

Danielle Krauss

Donated by: Overlook Farms

Kareem Hunt Autographed Picture

Current Price: $75

Janet Spor

Donated by: Kansas City Chiefs

Advanced Eye Care Eye Exam

Worth $85

Current Price: $10

Karli Rucker

Donated by : Advanced Eye Care

St. Louis Ambush Soccer 4 Tickets

Current Price: $20

David Sutch

Donated by: St. Louis Ambush

Ultimate Fitness 3 Month Membership

Current Price: $12

Rebecca Cooper

Donated by: Ultimate Fitness

LED Gaming Keyboard and $25 Game Stop Gift Card

Current Price: $32

Sam Utterback

Paper Kit + $35 Oriental Trading Gift Card

Current Price: $25

Joyce Porter

Donated by: Oriental Trading


Current Price: $25

Joyce Porter

Coffee Set 

Current Price: $25

Jamie Gallaher

Coffee and Tea Set

Current Price: $25

Josie Turnbaugh

Golf Set

Current Price: $15

Ann Moe

Body and Bath Set

Current Price: $15

Tracy Howard

Kids Set

Current Price: $25

Joyce Porter

Kids Baking Set

Current Price: $15

Joyce Porter

Holiday Wax Warmer

Current Price: $21

Sherrey Cox

Mizzou Man Cave Sign

Current Price: $10

Karen Couts

Inspirational Decor

Current Price: $25

Bailey St.Clair

Donated By: PCK Print

Metal Sign

Current Price: $45

Michele Noah

Donated by: PLTC Welding and ACR

Christmas Wreath

Current Price: $25

Sherrey Cox

Donated by: Elements of Design

Dog Basket

Current Price: $18

Kim Jones

Donated by: Baragiola Hardware and PLTC HS2

Cooking Basket

Current Price: $25

Brenda Akers

Picnic Basket

Current Price: $17

Danielle Krauss

Donated by: Pesky Critters

Fall Basket

Current Price: $10

Katie House

Donated by:

Health Care Basket

Current Price: $20

Sarah Dalrmyple

Donated by: PLTC HS2 and Finklang Eye Health

Winter Basket

Current Price: $40

Bailey St. Clair

Donated by: PLTC HS2

Snack Pack 1

Current Price: $10

Julie Turnbaugh

Donated by: PLTC HS 1

Snack Pack 2

Current Price: $20

Sammi Dobbs

Bath Basket

Current Price: $26

Jill Roettger

Donated by: PLTC HS 1

Stark Brothers $50 Gift Card

Current Price: $36

Danielle Krause

Donated by: Stark Brothers

Washers Set

Current Price: $75

Jaime Reed

Donated by: PLTC BT Class