Silent Auction

It’s that time again!!! It is time for the PLTC Annual Silent Auction to support our Student of the Year Scholarship!

Bidding will start on November 13th and will conclude on November 21st at 2:30 PM. Bids may be placed as a comment on this page, via e-mail to or in person at PLTC. No Facebook bids will be accepted. We will update the page with the current bids at 7:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM until November 21st when we will update them every 15 minutes from 12:00 – 2:30 PM.

Advanced Eye Care Gift Certificate

Current Bid: $26

Archery Target

Current Bid: $25

BBQ Basket

Current Bid: $13

Building Toys

Current Bid: $18

Car Wash Bucket

Current Bid: $30

Cato Gift Certificate ($25)

Current Bid: $15

Circular Saw

Current Bid: $30

Coffee Basket

Current Bid: $30

Curious George Set

Current Bid: $10

Dog Food and Baragiola Shirt

Current Bid: $11

Fall Basket

Current Bid: $7

Frozen Set

Current Bid: $18

Little Kids Set

Current Bid: $7

Metal Cross

Current Bid: $30

Movie Basket

Current Bid: $15

Mug Cakes

Current Bid: $10

Night at Overlook Farms

** 18 or older only***

Current Bid: $30

Pasta Basket

Current Bid: $25

PCK Shirts and More Gift Certificate

Current Bid: $20

Pedicure Set

Current Bid: $15

Philips 66 Gift Card ($25)

Current Bid: $16


Current Bid: $10


Current Bid: $12

Sander and Light

Current Bid: $15

Spa Day Basket #1

Current Bid: $40

Spa Day Basket #2

Current Bid: $25

Stefaninas Gift Certificate

Current Bid: $10

2 St. Louis Cardinals Tickets

Current Bid: $25

St. Louis Cardinals Sign

Current Bid: $20

Tool Set

Current Bid: $10

Winter Basket

Current Bid: $15

Woods Meat Basket

Current Bid: $26

Writing Basket

Current Bid: $15

Maple Tree

Current Bid: $35


Snack Pack

Current Bid: $30

Thank you to all those who donated items for our auction. We will post a list after the auction concludes.

21 Responses to Silent Auction

  1. Tisha King says:

    I would like to bid $11 on the Building Toys and $10 on the night at Overlook Farms. I didn’t see anything on minimum bidding or raising requirements.

  2. Vincent Robinson says:

    Woods basket, I bid $15
    Movie basket, I bid $5

  3. rachel turner says:

    Dog food- $5
    Snack Pack- $10
    Winter Basket- $12
    PLCT Swag Set #2- $5
    Movie Basket- $5

  4. Tina roach says:

    I would like to bid $25 on advanced eye car, $15 on cardinals sign and $20 on car wash bucket

  5. David Couts says:

    skill saw-$27
    winter basket-$15
    meat basket-$17

  6. Kathleen Bromwich says:

    Overlook Farms – $25.00

  7. Mindy Jensen says:

    Circular Saw $20
    PLTC Swag #1 $5
    Woods Meat Basket $15
    Snack Pack $10
    Spa Day Basket #1 $20
    Spa Day Basket #2 $20
    Sander and Light $5
    Movie Basket $5
    Archery Target $20

  8. Kimberly McGuire says:

    I would like
    $8 on the writing basket
    $16 on the woods basket
    $15 on the Overlook gift certificate
    $7 on Curious George
    $12 on the barbecue basket

  9. Kimberly McGuire says:

    $30 on the Overlook gift certificate

  10. Melissa Clonts says:

    $5.00 on the Fall Basket
    $20.00 on the Metal Cross

  11. Melissa Clonts says:

    $12.00 on the Snack Pack

  12. Vincent Robinson says:

    Woods basket…$25

  13. Robin Smith says:

    $12 on the Frozen Set
    $21 on the St Louis Cardinals Tickets
    $26 on the Woods Meat Basket

  14. Kim Luebrecht says:

    Metal Cross $30.00

  15. Marilyn Henderson says:

    Archery target – $25.00

  16. Melissa Clonts says:

    $8.00 on the Fall Basket

  17. David Couts says:

    makita circular saw-$37
    maple tree-$41

  18. Vincent Robinson says:

    Woods basket…$30

  19. Vincent Robinson says:

    Bbq basket…$16

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